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Create Universal Spreadsheet Import Engine

Instructions with illustrations:

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Just Text:

Universal Import Process:
Check the life tracking applications you use??
User clicks Other.
Select a file. /// Or select a file. /// They upload or paste URL or select an app.
If their file contains more that one worksheet, they go to the WORKSHEET SELECTION PAGE
Select worksheet or input field
Select header row content.
Where are the title headings?
Select each variable field below and edit options as needed. ???
Select fields containing the year, month, day, and time. / Select date.
Select input field and types / behavior.
Select unit and other variable settings for each variable.
Import process is complete.
Go back and edit data as needed:
Select a Group, select an Input Variable.
Edit variable options and data as needed.

I'm trying to make this suite of web and mobile apps to help other people improve their lives. They will allow people to determine what impact personal behaviors or inputs (such as exercise, diet, sleep, medication consumption, etc.) have on mood and energy levels or states. Then they can adjust their lifestyles to attain the maximum happiness possible.

Accomplishing this requires four basic steps:
1. EXPORT DATA- The data is exported to csv or xls spreadsheets.
2. UPLOAD DATA - The spreadsheets are uploaded to the site.
3. EXTRACT DATA - The data is then extracted from the spreadsheets into a mySQL database.
4. TRANSFORM AND NORMALIZE DISPARATE DATA TO MAKE IT COMPATIBLE - The data is transformed following rules established by the user through the UI import process (like when you import an excel spreadsheet into MS access). These rules are then saved as an import template.

Your trial job is to make a flowchart to represent a flexible import process that would allow a user to upload spreadsheets with differently formatted data to be imported into a mysql database comprised of lots of tables (each having 3 fields).

here are some example spreadsheets exported from "quantified self" applications:





Here is an example of one spreadsheet and an access 2010 database containing tables like the mysql tables that should be produced by the web based spreadsheet import process on our website

input spreadsheet:

output database tables:

Here's a rough visual walkthrough of what the import process should look like. ( However, this is not the complete and correct process. I need you to perfect it. The first step in this process would be making an import process flow chart in LucidCharts or something)

I'll also need to have a screen like this so I can

afterwards, the site should also allow the user to edit the data in the database like this:

do you think you can make a flow chart representing a flexible import process that could properly transform the data so that it is formatted in a normalized fashion as described above?

- https://github.com/Abolitionist-Project/QM-Metrolium/issues/231

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